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trauma-informed Course: COMING SOON!

Living With What Is From Stress Management to Generative Choice

You will learn to integrate and elevate your stress management skills through thought provoking, gentle and powerful inquiry by mapping your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and behaviors and actions, which ultimately get you the results that you desire and work towards.

We will explore psychological safety, satisfaction and connection through our understanding of trauma and how it shows up in ourselves and in the way we relate to others and our world. 

We do this through mindfulness, Breath, Movement, Relationships and re-engaging our social engagement systems through body language, responsiveness to needs, mindful listening and positive emotional states.

This course is for you if:

  • Despite the skills, consistently being held back by your own emotional responses and limitations in interactions and decision
  • You walk away from conversations and relationships not being authentic and frustrated,
  • Attending numerous personal and professional development workshops and yet struggling to apply the skills, walk the talk and embody the skills in who you are becoming in your various roles in life.
  • Relationships that matter are falling apart,

Our exploration & inquiry:

  • Nervous system and Social Engagement Systems
  • Trustworthiness and transparency. Peer Support. Collaboration and mutuality
  • Trauma in groups
  • Dysregulation and triggers
  • Re-engaging social engagement systems

Objectives of the inquiry:

Mastering The art of creating safe sacred space for self and others in their wholeness. 

  • How do I choose to engage in this very next moment? With myself, partner, boss, colleague, family, team
  • How to make it safe for all different versions of you to exist so you can bring all of yourself to life
  • Authentic leadership from inside out
  • Being seen and heard and extend the same courtesy to others

Ultimately, what we are all practicing is the emergence of ease and grace, and replace the old patterns and auto pilot behaviors and your default mode and choices with something new and creative. I call this state  generative; being present and mindful in the moment to moment awareness and open to new experiences and choices. Rather than hold onto static and status quo, invite invisible attitudes, values and beliefs and get to the heart of knowing oneself.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is the overwhelmed response of the Autonomic Nervous System when there is an experience or perception of threat to life, resulting in a failure to defend triumphantly. 

The logical and judgmental part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex) goes off-line in service to  the subcortical emergency functions of fight, flight or freeze, i.e. hyperarousal or hypoarousal.


How we might see this in groups:

  • A person appears to be shut down and “not in the room”
  • Pressured speech with either no eye contact or piercing or threatening eye contact.
  • Lack of clarity in thinking and speech
  • Physical contraction
  • Verbal threats
  • Leaving the room
  • Taking sides
  • Fierce scapegoating, blaming and finger-pointing
  • Hopelessness and collapse
  • Strong emotions of fear, rage, or panic; or boundarylessness (attack) or walling off