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Helping leaders become better humans in business and life

 A big part of my working life that I’m deeply grateful for, is being an international master facilitator and speaker in the globally acclaimed programs. 

You can learn more about my approach here as I humbly bring you the content of my highly respected colleagues and organizations in the industry. 


Crucial Learning

Create profound organizational change with our communication, performance, and leadership courses. Change vital behaviors and affect the outcomes that you care about through aware winning, practical, researched and fun learning solutions.

IECL – Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

IECL coaches work with individuals, groups and teams to achieve a broad range of outcomes including improved performance, enhanced wellbeing, higher levels of engagement and better decision making.

Workshop Outcomes

Build a collaborative and high performing culture
Cultivate strong and authentic relationships
Manage conflict and promote healthy dialogue towards outcomes you care about
Hold others accountable and remove barriers to change
Bring up and navigate high stakes conversations towards achieving synergy, alignment & agreement
Influence behavior change in yourself and others
Accelerate innovation and improve retention
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