Services // Our 3 Practice Areas

Sacred Leadership

To succeed now demands more than vision and will. It requires conscious leadership. Welcome to our professional development practice.

Sacred Wisdom

To find balance and wisdom, you need only to discover oneself and the essence that is rooted in your own body.

Sacred Activism

To make a real difference in the community of life takes more than desire. It takes real world perspective and knowledge.

To succeed now demands more than vision and will. It requires conscious leadership. The ability to be authentically connected to yourself, your world, and the people around you.

Using workshops, seminars, key note and one-on-one sessions, Salomeh facilitates your learning and helps guide you to achieve viable and beneficial outcomes in the leadership, culture, and communications of your organization.

Let us put you on a path to sustainability and success.

Sacred Leadership // Our Professional Development Practice

Leadership Training and Organizational development
(Group Workshops; 1 hour - 2 day intensives)

• Vitalsmarts Training:

Salomeh is an international master facilitator and speaker in the globally acclaimed CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS®, CRUCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY® and INFLUENCER TRAINING®. A highly experienced and sought after speaker, she works globally and contributes by helping leaders become better people in business and life. She has considerable experience with diversity and senior executive teams. Clients value her ability to invite leaders at various levels of organizations to embrace critical qualities like leadership presence and authenticity.

  • Build a collaborative and high performing culture
  • Manage conflict and Promote healthy dialogue towards outcomes you care about
  • Hold others accountable and remove barriers to change
  • Cultivate strong and authentic relationships
  • Bring up and navigate high stakes conversations towards achieving synergy, alignment & agreement
  • Influence behavior change in yourself and others
  • Accelerate innovation and improve retention








• Customised Workshops:

Salomeh works with you to customize workshops that are uniquely designed towards developing specific critical skills and emotional competencies that are relevant to your strategic challenges and viable outcomes. She guides and facilitates your learning through skills building activities, peer support, best practices and insightful explorations.

  • Authentic leader and Servant Leadership
  • Leader as Coach, Leader as Mentor
  • High performance mindset
  • Manage conflict and build effective teams
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Time management
  • Work/life balance plus more

1:1 Executive Coaching:

Salomeh creates a safe atmosphere where you are invited to examine mental models and how they enhance or hinder your growth and commitment to action with accountability.
You will go through a structured and deep process of self-reflection and develop new skills that are both effective and authentic, honoring your highest values and aspirations. Wherever you are in your career life; on the edge of sustainable innovation and reinvention, want to build your communication and professional skills, make a difference and have an impact in your organisation and community, live and work according to your higher purpose, then she would love to partner with you to help create a foundation of leadership that is build on:

  • Self-awareness, exploration and inquiry
  • 100% personal responsibility and commitment
  • Centeredness and focus
  • Leadership with wisdom and vision
  • Creative energy, somatic/body awareness and empowering decision making
  • Positively influence through your conscious choices and powerful interactions within your environment

Salomeh highly recommends that you start this journey with a 360 degree feedback survey such as The Leadership Circle (TLC) and/or Human Synergistics (LSI/GSI)

Visioning and Strategy Retreats: (Session duration vary from 1 to 3 days)

Salomeh facilitates highly collaborative, well-designed and enjoyable sessions to support the alignment of individual behaviors and decisions with organizational objectives and values. Today's fast changing landscape requires your attention to refine and tweak the existing strategy and support the creativity, ownership and accountability of your leaders towards practical outcomes. This helps harness a sustainable and successful road map for your organisation. She also offers facilitation in multi-stakeholder dialogues, where many different people have a stake in an outcome, in order to find common ground on critical issues and achieve mutual goals.

Speaking Engagements: 

Salomeh is a favored international keynote speaker and is recognized for her authentic, engaging, creative and highly impactful speaking style. She is experienced, passionate and knowledgeable about her field of speciality. In addition to her topic offerings in the leadership training and organizational development space, below are some of her other keynotes that are available for your customization. If your desired subject area is not listed, let us know – we will create what would serve you best.

  • Inner warrior. Outer Leader.
  • The art of relating
  • Emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Intuition and the art of Somatic Movement
  • Being of service to greater common good

Our clients seek improvement in one or more of the following areas:

  • Move more towards 'leading' rather than 'managing
  • lead from presence, authenticity and purpose, Walk The Talk
  • Shift fear based strategies into exploration and learning
  • Create outstanding teams, reduce energy draining conflict, turnover and absenteeism
  • Engage the hearts and the minds, gain buy-in and ownership
  • Build a conscious ­culture of collaboration, accountability and high performance, Link to values and behaviors
  • Deepen brand guardianship and integrity


  • Improve client engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve the communication, performance & well-being across business
  • Explore the concept of 100% personal responsibility and maintaining a self-sustaining mindset
  • Operate within the political system of an organization without losing authenticity and purpose
  • Drive rapid sustainable changes through turning good individuals and teams into key contributors
  • Adopt triple bottom line guiding principles; People, Profit and Planet




















Sacred Wisdom // Our Personal Development Practice

The greatest sage is you.

To find balance and wisdom, you need only to discover oneself and the essence that is rooted in your own body.

Through the art of Hakomi mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy, Salomeh helps you to discover barriers, move through blockages and unlock your body wisdom – your personal insights, beliefs, values and power.

The pinnacle of this alchemy is her love, expertise and influence of the arts of self-awareness, meditation, transformation in consciousness, Hakomi, body/somatic practices, Continuum movement, Tamalpa expressive arts, Body-mind Centering, shamanic practices, intuitive guidance and wisdom traditions. All embedded in the principles of mindfulness, unity, organicity, non-violence and mind-body holism.

Let us put you on a path to composure, centeredness, and compassion.

  • Improve balance, health, decision making and relationships
  • Reduce stress related conditions
  • Shift old habits, patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Generate creativity
  • Explore authentic self, Lead a fuller life
  • Embody consciousness in practice and daily life
  •  Re-connect to body wisdom, get back in touch with your senses
  • Celebrate the life of your body through movement
  • Work with your body as a healer by integrating physical movement with feelings, emotions, personal images and symbols.

In individual sessions and group workshops, Salomeh tailors each session based on the need of her clients through different modalities. This is a practice and pathway leading to greater understanding of our authentic connection to our essence and others.













Sacred Activism // Our Social Change Space

To make a real difference in the community of life takes more than desire. It takes real world perspective and knowledge.

Through an immersion in global challenges and connection with global doers we help you to awaken your power to commit and act.

This is our do-gooding space!
Salomeh’s offering includes:

  •  Business Coaching, Creativity workshops
  • Awakening the Dreamer Workshop ~ 'Vision of a new story' in Personal Fulfillment, Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability...

Let us put you on a path to meaning, contribution and fulfillment.

  • Ask deeper questions
  • Be informed and inspired by the work that is collectively done globally
  • Feel empowered, connected, fulfilled, make a difference
  • Dream a new dream for all of life that breaths joy, sanity, diversity, abundance, connection, spirit and wisdom for all
  • Work for the common good to learn, inspire, challenge, grow, sustain, participate & show up
  • Shift from heplessness to empowered possibility as your ground of being
  • Discover sustainable pathways and actions
  • Become wise & generous companions to the community of life
  • Do business with greater consciousness, for the greater good and benefit many, not just a few
  • Hold true to your values, things you hold dear and sacred
  • Deepen and strengthen community contribution and collaboration
  • Act on global consciousness in these unprecedented mystical awakening of our time