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We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with diverse organisations across a number of industries such as Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Aviation, Construction/Engineering/Development, PR, Design, Legal, Media, Education, Professional Services, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Retail and Non-profit.




















Results Driven

Her professionalism, skillful communication and craft in drawing out the best in our people is key to our presenter trainings. The results showed the highest number of customer attendance, engagement and experience, leading to further lead generation.

Head of Business Strategy and Marketing

Holistic Solutions

It was a great privilege for me to work with Salomeh. Her excellent professional skills and approach to holistic solutions was an important contribution to our work.

CEO & Chair

Strategic Approach

Her strategic approach, creative thinking and warm demeanor is a complete package that delivers results.

Head of Business Strategy

Greater understanding and awareness

Working with Salomeh helped me gain a greater understanding and awareness of my positive and negative behavior patterns, the affect on the people around me and a more balanced view of myself, our team, business objectives and the world itself.


Implements the real power of learning

Salomeh has the ability to shape and tailor a module to the audience and has the unique ability to take the conservation/topic and apply it to real life examples which is the real power of learning.

General Manager

The entire experience was life changing.

Salomeh Diaz did a wonderful job of facilitating the Crucial Conversations T3 4-day workshop. Her pace was perfect. Her stories illustrated each of the concepts. And, maybe most important, she made sure everyone in the workshop felt safe and valued. The entire experience was life changing.

L&D Manager

Unafraid to speak in the language of emotions

“Work setting do not always encourage getting in touch with emotions that may stand in the way of productivity and talking about emotions in a male dominated field have been viewed as a sign of weakness. Salomeh masterfully created an environment where we were able to talk about feelings that arise from difficult situation and this was a welcome relief.”

Salomeh is one of the most outstanding facilitators

I have been involved in adult education, training and facilitation for over nineteen years. Salomeh is one of the most outstanding facilitators I’ve seen. Observing her mastery over a four-day period, I witnessed first-hand her ability to connect effectively with her participants, create a safe and pleasant learning environment and bring out the very best of everyone in the room. I found her presentation style to be very engaging and she did an excellent job of adapting herself to the diverse nature of the learners. To this day, I consciously model some of her presentation techniques and I know it has enhanced my own delivery style.

Organisational Development and Education Consultant

Facilitating new areas of learning

There is a nice balance between accepting you as you are and facilitating new areas of learning, and adding some totally new skills to your repertoire. Salomeh is totally authentic, and credible, with a comfortable sense of authority, without coming across as intimidating.

Managing Director

Salomeh is a rare and uncommon talent

Salomeh is a rare and uncommon talent when working with people, with capacity to mould the interest of the individual, the desire of the executive and the requirements of the business into a sustainable direction. Salomeh’s approach may best be described in the words of Lao Tzu; “Water your dreams with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity. Always be on the lookout for ways to nuture your dreams”

Commercial Manager

She cares deeply about our shared future and the contribution and well-being

I love working with Salomeh – she cares deeply about our shared future and the contribution and well-being of all of us as we live into this future. You’ll find her fun to work with, intelligent, sensitive to the needs of others, flexible, a powerful and empathic communicator and a great team-player. I’d work with her without hesitation in structured events (like a training) or facilitated enquiries (like a community visioning). I recommend anyone to make the opportunity to work with her too.

Education Consultant

Case Studies

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Regional director of sales ~ Global player in a local market; a sustainable low fare airline in Australia
Emerging trends in the industry, client landscape and distribution channels, provided a unique and ongoing opportunity to secure new business, increase market share and develop and sustain long term relationships. Working with the leadership team and understanding their objectives, over a two year period, Salomeh designed, developed, delivered and lead a high impact sales leadership academy, for the Australia and New Zealand sales teams. This academy was also aimed at helping the teams to influence internally across the organisation as well as with external clients.

In this process, she developed strong relationships and started to mentor. Salomeh and her team also developed sales strategy sessions and coaching skills programs for the leaders. The outcome of this initiative included a significant increase in securing new business and negotiating feasible and sustainable contracts for existing business. The sale cycles were shorter and more profitable as the entire sales team became more confident and authentic in their trusted adviser approach with clients and understanding of value based selling. The directors learned how to delegate and started to focus on strategic objectives. The entire sales team were more empowered and confident which had a direct impact on their bottom line profitability within 3months of the start of this initiative.
In addition to tangible results with their external stakeholders, within a few months the entire culture of the organisation had also started to shift. The objectives were aimed towards a more communicative and empowering cultural qualities and values. The sales, marketing, operations and IT divisions began to become more self-aware of their leadership style, communicate more effectively especially around initiating and handling ‘sensitive’ and ‘high stakes’ conversations and topics. Their team of change agents started to witness empowering interactions, commitment to action, sense of ownership and accountability.

“Salomeh’s experience and expertise in the sales field and our industry added a unique dimension. What I found most valuable from working with her during this process of creating behaviour change are her insights, presence and a strong sense of personal responsibility and accountability. She is a true facilitator, committed to inspiring action oriented outcomes by directly challenging the status quo with pragmatism and flexibility. A unique combination.”

Head of human resources ~ Global multi-branded retail distributor
To implement global initiatives in a local market, with 10 brands and having a one team approach, is a challenging quest. The organisation had been going through major changes. Central to the success of the changes was the collaboration and trust amongst their largest and most distinct brands, ultimately driven by the executive leadership team. As well as having to facilitate the collaboration change, there was a radical shift in business model from an individual brand buying capacity to a centralised buying house, representing the whole organisation to their suppliers.

Salomeh’s work began with the CEO and his executive leadership team, to identify a clear roadmap towards key objectives and she gained their commitment to immerse themselves courageously in what was about to emerge. She then established a safe, comfortable an confidential environment for qualitative 1:1 (including with the executive leadership team) and focus group interviews to take place. She diagnosed the real situation through an array of interviews and prepared a realistic and clear report for the leadership team. An offsite workshop was designed for the executive leadership team to hear the feedback, assess the target culture values, behaviours and capabilities, and commit to specific and measurable action. As a result a practical and immediate action plan was formed given the vast number of changes they had faced in the last 24months; everyone’s voices were heard, format, quality and manner of monthly meetings were adjusted to ensure effective outcomes. They needed to cultivate new channels of communication amongst the team and brands.  Finally, specific actions were taken by each executive in line with overall strategy to start a journey of thinking, behaving and being ONE (collaborative, empowering and communicative) organisation, with distinct brands and major global presence.

“Salomeh took us on a journey of self-discovery and truly identifying what we needed to focus on. Our challenges seemed insurmountable and at times I felt helpless and just accepted the status quo. I just knew we could do so much better. There was already a strong division amongst our executive team and we refrained from expressing our true opinions. Salomeh’s presence and approach made our team feel very comfortable and safe. The focus groups she ran trusted her and shared authentic views. What I found most unique about Salomeh is her direct yet gentle approach. She was able to help us get to the root cause of our key challenges in such a short time span and it felt good to watch us commit to actions and be held accountable.”

Head of business strategy and marketing ~ Global I.T enterprise

This organisation provide an annual opportunity for their enterprise customers to discover, discuss and decide upon actions that will deliver better business outcomes. The core of this customer facing event, is the pitch presentations by key leaders. Salomeh coached an average of 45 leaders in Australasia for 4 consecutive years. Her coaching sessions were highly interactive and specifically tailored for high stakes communication. Her sessions were aimed at helping the executives to understand the emotional and behavioural motivators and aspects of human communication, as well as messaging, so they can prepare and deliver their most powerful pitch focused on bridging the gap between IT and business outcomes.

"Her strategic approach, creative thinking and warm demeanor is a complete package that delivers results. Her professionalism, skillful communication and craft in drawing out the best in our people is key to our presenter training. Her flexibility and style is a pleasure to work with. The results showed the highest number of customer attendance, engagement and experience, leading to further lead generation."

Head of human resources ~ Leading provider of technology to the financial sector

The organisation was undergoing major change initiatives and imminent acquisition strategies. Culture integration, upskilling emerging leaders in powerful communication skills, team effectiveness, managing change, creating ownership and accountability and reducing turnover became major priorities for the CEO.

"Salomeh has supported us for the past 3 years to diagnose, design, develop, deliver an outstanding long term strategic leadership development curriculum for our emerging leaders. In addition, she ran a breakthrough to peak performance and 1:1 coaching sessions with the CEO and his executive leadership team. We were able to meet two specific needs; the first to enhance the leadership skills of our “key talent” and the second has been to provide tailored solutions to meet individual outcomes. As a result of this initiative, the staff retention targets were met within a few months time frame and increased morale and accountability catalysed business results. During this time Salomeh has performed roles such as; a client director, a lead consultant, a facilitator, and a coach for the leadership and executive team.

She allocates sufficient scoping and research time to understand the needs of the organisation or the individual and agrees up-front what the desired outcome should be with the client. Each program that has been requested of her has been delivered with professionalism and commitment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Salomeh. A rare and honest talent that delivers the desired outcome."