Our Approach

We are a socially conscious leadership development and communications consulting practice.

Our Value To You

In a world of individual challenge, social change and environmental stress, understanding and achieving your potential to positively influence requires more than being smart. It requires a heightened level of social responsibility and emotional intellect found through true connection with all people and the world.

The results?

Ageless wisdom transformed into successful and sustainable organizations, enabled and passionate people, balanced and holistic living, and beneficial purpose and action.

This, is in you. This, is in us all.

Together we shape the path. You provide the destination.

Our aim is to facilitate this via a process of discovery, experience and sustainable action that incorporates higher being, knowing and doing that is for the common good of self, others and our world.



Salomeh works with various fields of community such as corporations, healthcare, government, education and non-profit. She makes a difference by bringing in a unique and integral approach to her client’s challenges across leadership and people development, strategy and culture transformation. She is passionate about the art of authentic shift and transformative action and brings her global expertise, real life experience, capacity and language to meet you where you are.

She partners with you specifically to:

  • Make a real difference in the face of society’s tough challenges in the community of life
  • Build effective and conscious organizations with empowering cultures that engage hearts and minds and create value
  • Explore and enhance core attitudes and ways of thinking and being
  • Expand frames of reference and people skills, develop levels of self-awareness, personal mastery and authentic relationships
  • Effectively achieve goals with authenticity and align your individual and team's values and behaviors with the overarching strategy; promoting responsibility, ownership and conscious choice.











Integral Perspective; Viable and Sustainable Strategies.

Through her own experiences and influencers, Salomeh has a unique capacity and capability to relate to and speak the languages of the business (without jargon), personal development, social change movements and the global transformational space. She meets you where you’re at.
Her Process and methodologies invites and allow fit with current or planned change processes. Salomeh creates a strong learning and development orientation which becomes the catalyst for the gradual development of a truly adaptive, proactive, responsive, creative, stable organisation who is able to meet the challenges of global and networked business models.

We offer tailored Solutions; Rather than 'off the shelf' packages.

Through conversations, Salomeh assists you to clearly identify your needs and the specific criteria by which you will judge the effectiveness of her work. She is committed to the shared understanding of:

  • What you want.
  • What we are working towards.
  • How we will work together.
  • How you will know you have attained what you are aiming for.

Once the above shared understanding is developed, our role is to help harness the capability of your people and how they interact to achieve your objectives.

Credible and leading-edge resources; Our ‘Wisdom Well'.

We must first develop ourselves, before we engage in other’s development.

Our capabilities and tailored solutions are influenced and informed by proven, credible and leading edge global principles including:

  • The Integral model by Ken Wilber
  • Conscious business, positive psychology, Presence, mindfulness
  • Neuro-leadership, spiral dynamics, The U theory, Whole brain thinking
  • Developmental stages, adult learning principles, academic research
  • Unlocking body wisdom through Hakomi mindfulness based psychotherapy, movement and somatic education
  • Deep ecology, Eco-psychology, appreciative inquiry
  • Spiritual intelligence, non-violent communication

Engaging Style; Safe Atmosphere.

Through facilitating in excess of 900 workshops and an audience of thousands, Salomeh has developed a highly facilitative style that is described by her clients as engaging, relevant, practical, thought provoking, dynamic, transformative and driven by clients needs and strategic outcomes.

In her tailored group workshops and individual sessions, she brings a powerful blend of real life stories, business experience, facilitation, mentoring and coaching skills. Her participants feel safe to share their opinions, insights and daily challenges openly, take more of what they’ve learnt or refreshed and directly and immediately apply in their working environment.

Our Focus is on BEING; as well as Knowing and Doing

To ensure that the ‘good’ stuff we learn (ie. skills, knowledge, higher perspective) lasts, we’ll need to practice and ‘feel’ these newly acquired or refreshed qualities by living 'it'.

Our aspiration is to be able to 'walk the talk' and maintain a practice of sustenance that is ingrained in our/your presence and shown in behaviour and actions.

We bring in the 'Whole' Perspective; Our Philosophy.

Our program goals will encompass the following fundamental elements:


Increase self awareness, examine unexamined assumptions, improve capability and support personal integration and balance; mental / emotional / physical and spiritual well being. Ultimately fostering inner peace and the art of happiness.


Organizational effectiveness though transitioning from a conventional command and control leadership style to embodied, compassionate and visionary. Inviting leaders to walk their talk whilst creating outstanding teams and cultures of responsibility, trust, mentoring, crucial dialogue and conscious business. This transition creates movement, accountability and action towards sustainable initiatives and outcomes.


Conscious business leads to conscious contribution to our living standards in our societies and planet; individuals are more aligned with their passion and organizations are taking long range views of business and are true custodians of human capital. We collectively focus on making conscious choices.

We love the Integral Model.

The deeper our understanding of your needs, the better we are able to meet them. This model naturally forms the premise and foundation of our business offering. These quadrants take into consideration the whole person and its environment; creating a holistic and comprehensive life map.

These four dimensions are revealed by acknowledging the interconnectedness of two basic truths:

1. We are individual human beings who cannot avoid being in relationship with others and,
2. Every situation that involves human beings has both an internal and external reality.

INTEGRAL MODEL brought to you by Sacred Minds Consulting